Drift 101 & Drift 102

Sometimes when you watch people do something really fun you want to join in but simply joining in isn’t always so simple.  This is especially true when it comes to something like Drifting.  If you try to join in without knowing what you’re doing you could get hurt or seriously jack up your car.  Luckily the Drift Day Association offers two levels of drifting classes.  Drift 101 will teach you the basics and get you used to the feeling of a car sliding around as well as a few initiation techniques.  Drift 102 will go over more initiation techniques like clutch kicking.

One of the best features of these classes is that you dont have to use your own car.  There are seveal drift ready cars that Drift Day Association built for students to rent and use for the day.  All you really need to do is show up and bring a helmet!  And if you don’t have one they have pretty good deals on those too!

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