F1: Fernando Alonso Wins at Singapore!

Well who saw this one coming?  In all of this year’s hype about Lewis, Kimi, and Felipe some may have forgotten that Fernando Alonso is in fact a two time world champion.  He gave us all quite the reminder over the weekend by taking the checkered flag in the first ever Formula 1 night race in Singapore.

The race started with Felipe Massa on pole and with Singapore being a narrow street circut many thought it would be his race to lose.  Ironically that is exactly what happend.  After keeping a firm grip on the race lead, Felipe came in for a pit stop.  During the stop there was a malfunction with their lighting mechanism.  Basically Felipe was told to go much to early and ended up taking the fuel hose and the fuel man with him.

Needless to say this put Ferrari’s current #1 driver towards the back of the field, 15th to be exact.  With those pesky red cars out of the way and Lewis Hamilton playing it safe, Fernando saw his opportunity and went for it.  With the help of fuel strategy and a stroke of luck created by the safety car, Alonso brought it home for the win.

Check out what the SPEED guys had to say about everything:

[Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images]

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