STi brake upgrade on a budget!

The Subaru WRX STi factory Brembos are pretty damn great out of the box. Here is a way to get the maximum use out of those factory Brembo brake system. AMS Performance, who is usually known for they’re crazy Evos, developed this kit. With a price tag of only $599 – it’s a great hop up option instead of a much pricier big brake kit.

Dramatically improve your stopping thanks to GiroDisc and Performance Friction.

This package comes with a set of GiroDisc 2 piece Front rotors and a set of Performance Friction Z-rated Front brake pads. Great for the street and the track

Some info on the Giro Disc Rotors:

Girodisc announces its lightweight Subaru Impreza WRX-STI two-piece brake rotor system. The Girodisc brake rotor system is a direct replacement for the OE STI and provides significant weight, handling, and brake fade-resistance performance benefits. The Girodisc brake rotors are less expensive than the heavier, poorer performing OE rotors. The Girodisc makes economic long run sense as well; as once the system is in place, only the cast iron rotor ring needs replacement when worn out, and it is costs significantly less than the OE rotor or complete Girodisc system. The rotor is compatible with the OE brake pads and will also tolerate the higher heat and wear levels of performance and racing spec pads. The Girodisc system provides an economical replacement solution for vehicles which will see multiple racing track sessions. Additional product benefits of the Girodisc lightweight brake rotor system include:

• Weight Savings: The Girodisc STI front rotor set weights in at almost 10 lb. less than the OE system. More than 4 Lbs per disc is removed. The Girodisc front discs offer a 24% improvement in surface area-to-weight for the rotor. The light weight disc decreases the rotational inertia of the braking system and reduces unsprung mass. The Girodisc lightweight discs help improve acceleration and require less energy to be dissipated during deceleration.

• Braking Performance: Thirty-two directionally curved vanes act as a centrifugal air pump and actively move cooling air through the rotor as it rotates helping to shed heat quickly and reduce brake pad fading. The OE rotor uses restrictive pillar vanes that do not pump air. The OE rotor will run at higher temperatures and develop pad fade sooner. The discs are also slotted, allowing a maximized contact at the interface between pad and disc as the edges of the slots continuously clean and refresh the pad surface.

• High quality materials: The Girodisc lightweight discs use only the highest quality materials and components. The rotors are high carbon content iron, zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The top hat section is aircraft 6061T-6 billet aluminum with a titanium color anodized finish. The disc hardware is Aerospace (NAS) specification High Temperature A286 Stainless Steel Alloy Hex bolts rated to 1200 degree F safe operation. The minimum bolt tensile strength is 160,000 psi, and minimum shear strength is 95,000 psi. NAS mechanical locking Stainless Steel Jetnuts are used, and are rated to 160,000 psi tensile strength.

Find out more at AMS Performance.


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