HKS Honda Fit Turbo Kit

Need more power for your Honda Fit. Add some boost with this bolt on Turbo Kit from HKS. It’s legal in all 50 states!

The HKS Honda Fit Bolt-on Turbo Kit was developed with reliability and performance in mind. Earning an Executive Order by the California Air Resources Board (E.O.# D-186-27), the simple-to-install Turbo Kit includes a front mount intercooler, which improves charge air density, while enhancing the engine performance. The pre-programmed HKS F-Con IS engine management system included in the kit maintains the proper fuel and timing strategies.

      The T25 Turbo allows for a faster spool up at a lower RPM range resulting in better response and low-end acceleration. HKS’ SMF Reloaded intake system, included in the kit, allows for improved filtration and increased airflow.

      With the turbo boost level pre-set to 5.7 psi and tuned with the Pre-programmed F-Con IS on 91+ octane fuel, HKS’ bolt-on turbo kit, combined with the optional HKS Hi-Power exhaust and upgraded HKS spark plugs produced a performance gain of approximately 30 % gain in peak horsepower without significantly impacting the excellent MPG the Fit is known for.

The 2007 Honda Fit Bolt-on Turbo Kit, CARB E.O. # D-186-27, is available now.

Technical Specifications:

    •  T25 Turbo (60T 0.63 A/R)

    •  S-Type Intercooler (400mm x260mm x65mm)

    •  F-Con IS (Pre-Programmed)

    •  Cast Manifold

    •  Downpipe

    •  SMF Reloaded Intake

    •  Polished aluminum I/C piping with SSQV flange

For more info – go to HKS USA.


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