Car Vlogger TJ Hunt Collabs With Jon Sibal To Create 2020 Toyota Supra Widebody Kit

SEMA 2019 is less than three weeks away which means the interweb is starting to get a taste of things to come. It is obvious by this point that the 2020 Toyota Supra (A90) will be the darling of the show this year as eager builders already started working on concepts before they had a chassis on hand.

Among them is popular car vlogger TJ Hunt. You may have heard of him, you may not have, but he is quickly becoming one of the most popular car influencers on YouTube. If you have heard of him you probably have strong opinions of him in one direction or the other. Regardless, no one can argue the fact that he has been very active lately, doing several builds at once while making daily content.

TJ was among the first in Southern California to get the keys to a 2020 Supra. However, in a video published just a few days ago, he revealed that four months prior to getting his Supra he began discussions with StreetFighter LA to create custom aero for his car.

Originally, the collaboration would result in a few simple aero pieces such as a wing and front splitter. Though, as talks progressed the goal went from a few pieces, to a full on widebody kit. To perfect the design TJ reached out to Jon Sibal for his experience and artistic influence.

The final product is a widebody kit consisting of approximately 16 pieces, dubbed the “StreetHunter”

In order to get the StreetHunter kit finished in time for its SEMA debut, TJ has partnered with Massivit 3D, a technology firm that specializes in giant 3D printers. Yes, the prototype will be entirely 3D printed (except for some carbon fiber work). However, TJ notes that production versions of the kit will not be produced with the same method. Instead, after SEMA the prototype will be removed from TJ’s car and molds will be made from it for mass production.


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If you want to see TJ explain it all himself, you can check out his announcement video below. For more images, just check out Jon Sibal’s embedded Instagram post above.

Afterwards let me know in the comments or on twitter (@MotorworldHype) what you think of the StreetHunter kit.

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