Torque Drift 2 Announced with Controversial NFT Features

Torque Drift 2 is officially confirmed. The popular mobile and PC game Torque Drift is getting a sequel which may make fans of the game very happy. In a world where most racing games simply have drifting “modes,” Torque Drift is one of the few titles that can be classified as a standalone drift game.

Furthermore, Torque Drift‘s developer Grease Monkey Games (GMG) brought meticulous detail to the cars and courses featured in the game. Torque Drift features several drivers and courses from Formula Drift which effectively makes it the closest thing to a dedicated game for the series.

Torque Drift 2 will leverage NFTs and blockchain

Torque Drift 2 Formula Drift collaboration announcement graphic

Torque Drift 2 looks to expand on that formula but will also feature its own metaverse and NFTs that will be tracked with “REVV” tokens, a cryptocurrency specific to racing games from Animoca Brands.

To say that NFTs are controversial would be a massive understatement. The emerging blockchain technology has vastly polarized opinions. Many believe that NFTs are nothing but a scam that is harmful to the environment. While just as many believe NFTs are beneficial to creators and will be the emerging method of connecting brands with audiences in a way that provides ownership on both sides.

For the sake of transparency, I currently hold a “Pit Pass” NFT from Kuruma. However, that is part of a learning process on my part to try to better understand NFTs before deciding whether I am completely for or against them.

Though, from my experience, the gaming audience tends to be very much against NFTs so it will be interesting to see if fans of Torque Drift will give Torque Drift 2 a chance or if they will shy away.

A screenshot from the video game Torque Drift 2 featuring the starting line from Long Beach round of Formula Drift

“Fully functional and playable NFTs are a core feature” of Torque Drift 2 according to the press release and will offer players “true digital ownership of game assets.”

The release also promises that assets will be “play-to-earn” and can also be bought and sold on secondary marketplaces. I suppose an example would be having a limited number of DLC cars available to earn. Those same cars could be sold by the players that earned them on an online marketplace for tokens that could be converted to real money.

When does Torque Drift 2 come out?

The Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach course as seen in the upcoming video game Torque Drift 2

Currently, there is no official release date for Torque Drift 2 but a trailer will drop during Formula Drift round 2 on May 7th. There might be more information revealed along with the full trailer so stay tuned and I’ll update this post as things develop.

In the meantime, I’d like to know what your thoughts are on Torque Drift 2. Do you think it is a mistake for Torque Drift to utilize NFTs? Or are you interested in how NFTs may change the gameplay experience?

Sound off in the comments below or tweet to me at @MotorworldHype.

The Torque Drift 2 announcement is the second bit of drifting-related gaming news that has hit this week. I also reported on Chris Forsberg visiting Ubisoft and possibly revealing information on The Crew 3.


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