ChrisFix Becomes Biggest Automotive YouTuber

ChrisFix is officially the biggest automotive channel on YouTube as of today according to a post on his community page. With 8.05 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion video views, the ChrisFix channel has surpassed major automotive media brands like MotorTrend and Top Gear.

ChrisFix has officially become the biggest automotive YouTube channel with 8.05 million subscribers

Keep in mind that he did this mostly in his parent’s driveway and with only 349 videos uploaded total, which is less than a third of what other major outlets have uploaded.

How did he do it? How could one person in a driveway take the top spot from juggernauts like Top Gear and MotorTrend? Well, if we knew the exact answer then our YouTube channel would be just as big.

We think the success of ChrisFix is mostly due to his ability to take intimidating automotive maintenance tasks and simplify them; making the viewers feel empowered and confident to work on their own cars themselves.

Feeling empowered by something that may have previously been intimidating is always going to feel good and ChrisFix has mastered that with his videos.

He’s shown his viewers how to do everything from “super cleaning” an engine bay to cleaning out sugar from a car’s fuel system. With each video inspiring the feeling of “I can totally do this” in the viewers.

In between DIY videos Chris will do the occasional video working on his Ford Mustang drift car or making a rig that gets rid of fart smells on a car seat.

We can’t count the times that we’ve pulled up a ChrisFix video to help us with some of our weekend wrenching and we’re definitely not alone.

In the end that is what is most important to ChrisFix; helping people. That is what he credits for his longevity and success.

“I never started a YouTube channel to “be famous” or make money (you couldn’t make money on YouTube in the beginning so it wasn’t even an idea)… I did it solely to help people, and that’s still why I do it.” Said Chris in his community post.

Well, he has certainly helped us as well as millions of others. Congratulations ChrisFix! We hope you get another 8 million subscribers!

Have you used a ChrisFix video to help you work on your car? If so, what video was it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @MotorworldHype.

ChrisFix DIY Odor Remover

P.S. We weren’t kidding about the fart diffuser rig he made…

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