Racing Hype: Rhys Millen Will Pilot An All Electric One Megawatt Race Car At Pikes Peak


Rhys Millen comes from a strong tradition of dominance at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb event.  For a long time Rhys’ father Rod held the all time record at Pikes Peak until it was broken by “Monster” Taijima.  Rhys tried hard to get the record back with all manner of custom built race cars thanks to a partnership between himself and Hyundai.  However, despite several attempts Rhys was unable to claim the record back.  With Hyundai departing from motorsports Rhys has taken a new approach to his quest for the record and has partnered with Drive eO to pilot the PP03, the world’s first one megawatt all electric race car up Pikes Peak.  This is a first for Millen and the PP03 is the most powerful electric race car to ever attack the hill.  Will Rhys have more success at Pikes Peak now that he’s ditched cylinders and gasoline?  I am looking forward to finding out!


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