These Are The Worst Foods To Eat While Driving

We’ve all tried to eat in the car and let’s face it we’ve all failed at it at one point or another. Yet, when it happens we always blame the food. Yes, it is absolutely the overly sauced hot dog’s fault that we decided to eat it while wearing a white shirt and driving through the pot hole-ridden industrial park.

We’ll personally never forget the infamous “nacho disaster of 2012” that may or may not have happened to a writer on this website while they were driving a BMW.

James and Nolan from Donut Media test the worst foods to eat while driving

There are some foods that are tailor made for eating while sitting in a car and a lot that aren’t. Unfortunately, there isn’t some definitive list of road-worthy foods out there. It’s almost as if the culinary institute wants us to use our common sense or something! Screw that!

Luckily for us James and Nolan from Donut Media decided to take on the noble task of testing which foods are the worst to eat while driving. The pair used only the most stringent and precise scientific methods in their analysis. Now, we, the hungry drivers of the world, are beneficiaries of this revolutionary work.

The pair test everything from chili dogs, to hot wings, and even bowls of cereal! Can we just give them their Nobel Prizes now?!

Behold, their findings in the video below. Afterwards, let us know what was the worst food you tried to eat while driving in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

Donut Media Tries The Worst Foods To Eat While Driving

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