Michael Schumacher Doc. Coming To Netflix

Michael Schumacher is easily one of the greatest racers in the history of motorsports. His run of seven world championships in Formula One is the stuff of legend.

Despite the fact that some of his accomplishments in the sport have been met or exceeded by Lewis Hamilton, Schumacher still tops many lists of greatest F1 drivers of all time.

Schumacher was a generally private individual, so not too much is know about his life and personality behind the scenes. That privacy was amplified when the former driver suffered a major concussion during a tragic skiing accident in 2013. Since then only Schumacher’s direct family and a very small circle of close friends have been allowed to visit him.

Today Netflix announced that they have been working on a documentary centering Michael Schumacher’s life and career. Netflix also made sure to note that the documentary was produced with the full permission and support of Schumacher’s family.

Michael Schumacher Netflix documentary coming September 15th, 2021

Titled SCHUMACHER, the documentary will feature previously unseen archival footage, rare interviews, and will offer a “critical but sensitive portrait of the seven-time World Champion.”

The doc promises to take a look at some of Michael’s self-doubt and insecurities that he faced throughout his career with so many eyes on him.

It was also stated that Michael’s wife and children will be the “heart” of the documentary and that they are “ready to tell his story.”

It is unclear if Netflix is using the same production team that is currently making their popular Drive To Survive docuseries but either way, we currently have high hopes for the documentary.

SCHUMACHER is set to release on Netflix on September 15th, 2021. So we won’t have to wait long before checking it out. We speculate that we may need to keep a box of tissues near by. You know, in case we get something in our eye.

Are you looking forward to this Michael Schumacher documentary? Do you think it will provide an accurate portrait of who he really is? Or do you think maybe it will gloss over some of his more controversial moments since his family is in control?

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