Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen F1 Crash Recreated In 3D Simulation

The crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British GP is easily the most talked about and debated F1 incidents in the last decade if not longer.

If you somehow didn’t hear or see it yet, the incident occurred during the start of the British GP. Hamilton was closing in on Verstappen as the two drivers approached turn 9 AKA Copse Corner, a high speed right hander.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash into each other at the British GP.

Neither driver would concede space to the other and as a result the cars made contact and sent Max off into the barrier in a hard crash. Luckily Max was ok but Red Bull was understandably not happy.

The race was red flagged and restarted. After the restart stewards came to the judgement that Lewis was more at fault for the collision than Max and handed Hamilton a 10 second penalty. Hamilton served the penalty during a pitstop on lap 28 but eventually went on to win the race.

Since that day F1 fans have been at each other’s throats in fierce debates over which driver was truly at fault for the incident. Verstappen fans blame Lewis, Hamilton fans blame Max, and some fans just chalked it up to a “racing incident” and spread the blame equally.

The replay of the incident has been viewed 3 million times (as of 7-23-21) on the F1 YouTube channel since the race ended and the comments are full of angry fans trying to sort things out based on the footage.

To provide more perspective, the YouTube channel Crashalong created an excellent 3D simulation of the entire crash which is backed up with data that they gathered from several sources, including footage from earlier track sessions such as qualifying.

In the video they breakdown each step of the crash including the lead up, the moment of contact, and Max’s collision with the barrier. It likely won’t settle the debate in one direction or the other but it does provide some extra things to consider by comparing Max’s line during the crash, to the line he used during Q3.

Check out the video below. After watching the video, who do you think is responsible for the crash? Lewis? Max? Or do you think it is just a racing incident? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below (be nice) or on Twitter at @MotorworldHype (seriously, be nice!).

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton 3D crash animation

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