Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder Trailer

A new Hot Wheels Unleashed trailer has just dropped today and it gives us our first look at the track builder that is set to come with the game at launch.

In case you’re out of the loop, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a new Hot Wheels racing game developed by Milestone and will release on September 30th, 2021.

Hot Wheels Unlimited "track builder" feature preview

The game promises to be an over-the-top arcade style racer featuring virtual versions of real Hot Wheels 1:64 scale die-cast cars. Players will race on elaborate tracks in that are scaled to the cars themselves. So, a place like a skatepark for example, becomes a huge environment for the cars to race around.

When Hot Wheels Unleashed was announced, the developers stated that the game would include a “track builder” feature that allows players to create their own courses using the same iconic orange Hot Wheels track pieces.

It was even revealed that the track builder in the game is the very same one used by the developers to create the courses that make up the core gameplay. Players will have access to all of the same tools.

Hot Wheels Unlimited "track builder" feature preview

Certainly an interesting prospect. However, we can now get a full grasp of what Milestone meant as today two new videos were released showing the track builder in action. One of those videos includes a deep-dive with the lead game designer which explains all the features and options within the track builder.

Hot Wheels Unlimited "track builder" feature preview

Some of the stand outs from the deep dive is the ability to customize track pieces by bending them, stretching them, twisting them, and even changing their color.

Players will also have the ability to place “simple” and “complex” interactive objects like barriers to breakthrough or things like boosters.

Hot Wheels Unlimited "track builder" feature preview. Track room environment

Custom tracks can be built in any of the six environments found in the game, including a special environment called “the track room” which is a big open space that gives players tons of freedom to create what they want.

Hot Wheels Unlimited "track builder" feature preview. Featuring "validation" mode

Naturally players can upload their creations to an online community for other players to try. However, to make sure that people don’t troll the community with their tracks, a player has to complete a lap in special car in a “validation” mode before they are allowed to upload their track to the community. You can watch the full track builder walkthrough below.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder walkthrough

Hot Wheels Unleashed Track Builder Trailer

Pretty smart stuff! We can’t wait to try it out for ourselves. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to review Hot Wheels Unlimited before it’s release.

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