E3 2021: Trackmania Gets Royal Mode (VIDEO)

Trackmania is getting a brand new “Royal” mode. The new mode was announced today (6-12-21) during the Ubisoft Forward livestream event as part of E3 2021 festivities.

What is Trackmania Royal Mode?

Trackmania Royal Mode announced at Ubisoft Forward during E3 2021

The easiest way to describe Trackmania’s new Royal Mode is to imagine the popular game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout but with cars instead of cute little chubby beings.

Royal is all about the player and their team getting from one end of an obstacle laden course to another. There will be up to 20 randomly chosen courses that have things like plastic blocks, moving obstacles, and barriers to pools of water that cars can bounce or dive through.

To keep things fresh, a new course will be added to the roster everyday.

Being the last team to make it through the gauntlet nets a victory.

Players can generate a “party code” that allows them to create private Royal Mode servers so that they can play friends-only sessions.

Super Royal Mode

Trackmania Royal Mode announced at Ubisoft Forward during E3 2021

“Super Royal” mode is for those looking for an even more competitive experience. All players that win a Royal mode game in certain time slots (8-9 PM, 4-5 AM, 12 PM-1 PM CEST) are automatically qualified for the Super Royal which starts shortly after each time slot.

From there the goal is to play among the best to become champion of the Super Royal.

There will also be a Ranked Matchmaking mode available too for the try-hards.

Trackmania Royal Mode trailer

Trackmania Royal Mode is available starting today for free. You just need to boot up the game it will be right there waiting. Though if you want a peek before jumping in, check out the trailer above.

Have you played Trackmania before? If not, is the new Royal Mode convincing you to give it a try? Or is this a hard pass? Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.


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