Kia Soul Hate Is Trending On Twitter

The Kia Soul is the latest thing to trend on Twitter for seemingly no reason at all. It’s a phenomenon that fascinates and confuses me but still doesn’t stop me from diving down a 45 minute rabbit hole trying to get to the bottom of it.

On 3/8/21 the Kia Soul began inexplicably trending on Twitter

For those who don’t know, the Kia Soul is a crossover that released way back in 2008. Its plentiful cargo space is thanks to its boxy shape. It also has pretty good fuel economy and a decent price. Its utility and economical favorability allowed the Soul to remain in Kia’s line up for 13 years up to this day.

A Kia Soul advertisement featuring the famous "Kia hamsters"

Though, what really put the Kia Soul at the forefront of everyone’s minds was Kia’s massive advertising campaign featuring human-sized hamsters who were pretty good dancers.

I’m still not sure how exactly it all started but it seems like the crux of what the trend has evolved to are two camps: those ruthlessly shading the Kia Soul and those valiantly defending it.

Having never owned or driven a Kia Soul myself, I don’t necessarily have a dog in the fight. Though I will shamelessly admit that I was a big fan of the commercials featuring the giant hamsters.

Anyway back to the debate, it seems there are some who believe the Kia Soul is a lame car that anyone should be embarrassed to own. Just check out some of these harsh burns from Twitter.

Let me just take this opportunity to explicitly say that I don’t condone the above tweet!

Hello police?! I’d like to report a murder!

Sounds like you and your Dad have some things to work out.


It’s not all shade and threats of violence though. Some people just have a problem with the Kia Soul’s small size creating parking space mirages. Not gonna lie, I’ve been a victim of this many times so I can somewhat relate.

There are also plenty of people proudly defending the Kia Soul and it’s ownership experience.


Hear that? The Kia Soul is “elite”!

Those hamsters tho!


If you can’t fit at least eight pumpkins in the truck of a car, then is it even a car?

Alright so at the end of all this, I still have no idea what got the Kia Soul trending in the first place. Though, I appreciate the vigor of those who are so passionately moved to tweet in disgust or in favor of the biggest Korean crossover before BTS became a thing.

Let the battle rage on! If you want to talk about why you love or hate the Kia Soul with us then tag us on Twitter at @MotorworldHype.

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