Watch A V10 LeMans Engine Get Dyno’d [VIDEO]

In case you missed it, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck has a new project to occupy him between rounds this year. He’s decided to swap a Judd V10 engine into a 2020 Toyota GR Supra.

If you’re unfamiliar, Judd is an engineering firm in the UK that builds race engines for several motorsport disciplines. The specific Judd V10 GV4 engine Ryan sourced is typically used in Le Mans race cars. In fact, the GV4 has even won a few races in the American Le Mans series.

Obviously, it might seem a little crazy to try and get an engine like that to work in a Toyota Supra but this is the same guy who dropped a Ferrari 458 engine into a GT86. So, in context this seems to be the natural progression.

This is actually a bit of a growing trend. Mercedes kicked this off a while ago when they announced that their Project-ONE hypercar will have a legit F1 engine. By the way, that thing sounds amazing.

Ryan will be documenting the build process on his YouTube channel so that his audience can watch each step until completion.

In the first video Ryan gave a primer on the Judd GV4 engine’s background, modifications that optimize it for racing, and gives a peek of how he plans on dropping the motor into his brand new GR Supra.

In his new video Tuerck actually jumps on a plane (probably long before the pandemic started) to the Judd HQ in the United Kingdom.

While he’s there he gets a tour of the facility and learns even more about his engine and the other engines Judd builds.

Ryan Tuerck's JUDD V10 engine on the dyno

It’s all capped off at the end when he watches the engine he purchased get put on an engine dyno and wound up all the way to its 11,000rpm redline.

Naturally, you’ll want to turn your speakers up for that part. I won’t even try to describe the sound here as words just won’t do it justice.

Scroll down to watch and listen for yourself and then thank me later.

Ryan Tuerck’s JUDD V10 On The Dyno

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