F1 2020: British Grand Prix Quick Result

Normally we have a wrap up of all the open-wheel racing events that go down over a weekend; unfortunately the Indy Car race at Mid-Ohio had to be canceled due to safety concerns in light of the pandemic.

Luckily the F1 British GP continued as scheduled. Although, in case you didn’t hear, Sergio Perez actually had to sit out of the race due to testing positive for COVID-19 after returning from the 1-week break. Within 24 hours Racing Point was able to call up Nico Hulkenberg to fill in for Perez. It was a monumental effort which unfortunately ended up being wasted. Right as Racing Point was getting ready to send Nico’s car to the starting grid on Sunday, the drivetrain suffered a major issue which resulted in a retirement.

There is still a strong chance that Nico will return for the next race.

Now, on to the race results!

WARNING!! Race spoilers below!


2020 British GP results

1st: Lewis Hamilton
2nd: Max Verstappen
3rd: Charles Leclerec

If you aren’t going to watch the full race replay, then I highly suggest checking out the race highlights here. The last lap was insane!

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