Playing WRC 8 On A $35k Simuator Rig (Video)

I know, I’m still catching up from E3. However, there are still a few more cool things I want to tell you all about. Today I wanted to share my experience playing WRC 8. Although I should probably start things off with a disclaimer. While I’m decent at most racing games, for some reason rally racing games are my weakness. I can do alright but generally speaking I’d say I suck at them, so keep that in mind from here on out.

Anyway, usually when trying out a game at E3, I’m handed a control pad or maybe I’ll get to sit in a PlaySeat racing rig. At the BigBen publishing booth it was an entirely different story. They had the new WRC 8 game running on a $35,000 motion simulation rig complete with a triple display set up! It was pretty nuts. All of it was being driven by a high-end gaming PC equipped with an Nvidia RTX graphics card. For the uninitiated the RTX graphics card is tailor made to use a special light rendering technique called “ray tracing” to make virtual environments look even more realistic.

The demo was one rally stage but I unfortunately didn’t know what location the stage was set. Though it did have a healthy combination of dry dirt, gravel, and mud. Again, I played the game on an advanced simulator, that fact combined with my generally low skill level with rally games made it difficult for me to really gauge the physics engine. I can say that nothing felt “arcade-y” or overly punishing.

All the mistakes I made (and I did make mistakes) genuinely felt like my own fault and not due to being disoriented by the physics engine. Visually the game looked amazing but considering the hardware it was running on, I was holding it to a high standard. The real question is how it will look on consoles.

Overall, I would definitely say that this is a game suited for hardcore simulator fans, especially those who are already die-hard WRC enthusiasts. Since it is an officially licensed game, all of the locations, drivers, and cars seen in the series right now.

For more on my thoughts and to check out the five-figure simulator rig, check out the video below.

WRC 8 first impressions:

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