LA Auto Show 2018: Toyota Went And Made A TRD Camry… (Video)

I’m going to cover a few pretty awesome cars from the LA Auto Show but I had to lead with this because it was just that shocking to me.

When strolling by the Toyota booth, I saw front and center a Camry with a crazy aero package on it and a TRD emblem on the back and I stopped in my tracks.

A TRD Camry is something that my friends and I would joke about in high school as we were convinced it would never happen, and yet here we are.

Now, before you ask, the TRD Camry isn’t a super sedan meant to compete with the likes of a BMW M5 or AMG E class. Instead, this is mostly an aerodynamic package meant to make the Camry look more exciting. Which I have to say, mission accomplished!

Get a better look at the TRD Camry in the video below or by clicking on one of the photo thumbnails. Also, stay tuned for more from the LA Auto Show!


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