REVIEW: The Crew 2 By Ubisoft Is An Ambitious Open World Racer

Yes, I know this review is really late but I’ve had some technical issues lately which has prevented me from making videos as quickly as I’d like. I finally found a work around so here we are.

Anyway enough about that. You clicked here to see what I thought about The Crew 2.

I’ve actually reviewed this game twice now. The first time was a written review for Super Street but I wanted to do another review where I go a little more in-depth, hence the video review below.

If an 8 minute review video is too long, then below the video is a TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch) which sums up the pros and cons of The Crew 2 in my opinion.

Hopefully, if you haven’t bought the game yet, this will help you come to a decision! Alright I’ll shut up now. Check out the review and the TL;DW below.

The Crew 2 review:


TL;DW (Pros & Cons):

Massive open world “Always online” requirement
Unique gameplay mechanics Default controller sensitivity needs adjusting
Vehicle diversity (land, sea, air) Progression is slow, causes backtracking
Excellent graphics Lack of player direction


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