Formula Drift: James Deane Wins Round 5

Over the weekend, Irish driver James Deane got one step closer to making his mark on Formula Drift history. Until now, Tanner Foust has been the only Formula Drift driver to earn back-to-back championships. However, it looks like Deane is well on his way to matching that.

Over the weekend James had to defeat Kyle Mohan, Ken Gushi, Matt Field, and his own teammate Piotr Wiecek to make it to the finals against Ryan Tuerck.

Tuerck didn’t have an easy road as he had to take down Faruk Kugay, Dai Yoshihara, Kristaps Bluss, and Justin Pawlak to get to the final against Deane.

Tuerck fought hard but James was just too much as he took Ryan down and earned his second win of the season in a row giving him an 85 point lead over his next closest rival in the standings, Fredric Aasbo.

Though, with the addition of a new round in St. Louis Missouri, there are now 3 total rounds for all of the closest points competitors to catch up.

With St. Louis being a new track, it has the potential to shake things up a bit. Though if Deane manages to dominate again then I think he will practically be a sure thing for the championship.

What do you think? Can James pull off the “back-to-back” championships? Or will Fredric Aasbo manage to catch up with 3 rounds left?

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