HKS Already Has Two Civic Type R Exhaust Systems Available

The current (FK8) Civic Type R is still relatively new but the aftermarket is already working on bits to draw even more performance out of the hot hatch.

HKS is one of the first out of the gate and they currently have two exhaust systems for the Type R and likely have more on the way.

For now Type R owners can pick up a HKS LEGAMAX Premium exhaust system or a HKS Hi-Power SPEC-L.

While the two pipes may look similar they are pretty different applications..

The LEGAMAX Premium (seen above) is the heavy breather of the two with a 75 millimeter (or about 3 inches) diameter.

HKS claims the LEGAMAX has 50% less backpressure than the stock exhaust which (according to HKS) allows for better turbo response in the low RPM range.

The LEGAMAX Premium is also capable of handling up to 530 horsepower. So it has plenty of headroom for future modifications.


The Hi-Power SPEC-L exhaust (seen above) is 10mm smaller than the LEGAMAX and is 34% lighter in weight than the stock exhaust according to HKS.

Additionally, the Hi-Power SPEC-L special is its ability to add a “bullet-shaped silencer” and its carbon fiber exhaust tips.

If you want to know how each one sounds, there are videos below.

Do you have a Civic Type R?  If so, are you interested in either of these exhausts or are you waiting to see what other aftermarket companies like GReddy, Tanabe, Borla, etc. have to offer?

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HKS LEGAMAX Premium Civic Type R (FK8) exhaust video

HKS Hi-Power SPEC-L Civic Type R (FK8) exhaust video

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