These Are The Best Tuner Cars Under 10k (Video)

One of the hardest thing about being a gear head is buying a car assuming you don’t have a hard core loyalty to a specific make or model.

There are so many possibilities out there that it is easy to fall into car-decision-paralysis.  It’s happened to me several times!

If you’re like me and somewhat indecisive when it comes to picking your next project car, the guys at Donut Media are here to help.

They just released a video in which they list some of the best (in their opinion) tuner cars one can get for under $10k.

Some of the cars on the list are actually much less than $10k but they account for covering any repairs or early mods that are commonly done.

While I think there are some glaring omissions from the list, I still think over all it is a pretty good selection.

Watch it below and then let us know in the comments or on twitter what other cars you would add to their list!

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