Hype Video: Watch Incredibly French Indy Car Driver Simon Pagenaud Learn “Southern English”

The moment that Simon Pagenaud opens his mouth it becomes incredibly obvious that he is French.  Not only is he French but he just happens to speak with a very classical French accent.  In fact, his accent combined with his trademark hair has lead to endless comparisons between him and the “Jean Girard” character from the film Talladega Nights.  Seriously, watch a clip from that film and then watch a post race interview with Simon Pagenaud; the similarity is uncanny!

In the video below, fellow Indy Car driver Josef Newgarden helps Simon get ready for the upcoming Grand Prix Of Alabama by introducing the driver to a “Southern Translator” which will aid the Frenchman in communicating better with the locals.  It is a pretty funny spot and a cool way to promote a race if you ask me.  Check it out below.

Simon Pagenaud learns Southern English:


BONUS VIDEO: Simon Pagenaud impersonating Jean Girard:

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