Hype Video: Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg Versus A Mountain

The 2017 Formula Drift season hasn’t started yet and this is causing some of the drivers to get bored while waiting for things to kick off.  So, what does someone who is insanely talented at car control do when they get bored?  They take their 900hp competition car and drift their way up a freakin’ mountain!  That is exactly what three-time Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg did and luckily for us, cameras were rolling while he was doing it.

In the newest episode of “Fresh Tracks” on Network A, Chris Forsberg takes on one of California’s most twisty roads with no prior practice or do-overs.  Why?  Because he’s bored, or because he is a lunatic, either way it is wildly entertaining to watch.  Scroll below to check it out!

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