Hype Video: Baby Driver Trailer Is 2 Minutes Of Amazing Stunt Driving

The last time most of the world heard from director Edgar Wright he was going through a bit of a break up with Marvel over Ant-Man.  How directors get over breaking up with a movie?  By writing and directing a new movie; which is exactly what Wright did.  While both he and Marvel split on good terms, many of his fans wondered what he would be doing next.  For a while Edgar was silent.   It wasn’t until 2014 when Edgar announced his next project that he simply called “Baby Driver” and he described it as a “collision of crime, action, music, and sound”.

Over the weekend Wright finally released the first trailer for Baby Driver and it has all the things he described as well as some awesome car chase scenes featuring some amazing stunt driving.  From what we can gather, Baby Driver is about a young and extremely talented get-away-driver who is literally named “Baby”.  One day Baby meets a young woman who inspires him to get out of the wheel-man racket but his bosses aren’t so keen to let him walk away.

If you’re a fan of Edgar Wright, sweet driving, or Subaru WRXs then you are going to really enjoy this trailer.  With that I’m going to stop here so you can scroll down and watch it!  Afterwards let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet to us at @MotorworldHype.

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