HYPE: The Mercedes Benz AMG GT R Is The German Godzilla (VIDEO)

The AMG GT R is puzzling to me.  First, I just can’t quite figure out how Mercedes can get away with calling it a “GT R” without getting sued by Nissan.  Maybe since they don’t use the “dash”?  Whatever, anyway the AMG GT R falls into a unique place.  It is a few great steps beyond a road car but it is not quite a “race car for the street” either.  It falls somewhere in between.  I guess if you are the kind of person who wants a car that they can drive every day, take to the track on weekends, but also happens to know enough about set up to want to adjust your own suspension, the AMG GT R is for you.

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The AMG GT R is pretty hands off in some areas like a user adjustable coilovers, but hands on in others like in the case of its active aerodynamics.  It has 570hp which is significantly more than a base AMG GT but doesn’t fall into the realm of crazy like a Lamborghini.  Its also green, like very very green.  We had a chance to get a close look at it while we were at the LA Auto Show, check out the video below to see what we saw.  You can also click on the thumbnails above for some HD resolution pictures.

[Photos: Rex Torres]

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