Hype: Gran Turismo Sport To Get 4K, HDR, Virtual Reality, And A Few New Cars

At an E3 2016 event back in June of this year I interviewed Kazunori “Kaz” Yamauchi,  about Gran Turismo Sport.  Back then, the now available PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) was just a rumor known as the “PlayStation Neo” and Gran Turismo Sport had a release date set for November of this year.

During the interview, I asked Kaz point-blank about the PS4 Pro and how the console would factor into Gran Turismo Sport’s release.  Kaz replied that he only heard rumors about the hardware and because of that he felt he couldn’t really answer my question.

Two months later, Kaz announced that he was delaying Gran Turismo Sport until 2017 because they needed “more time to perfect” it.  I speculated that maybe the PS4 Pro had something to do with it and maybe he was holding off on releasing the game to take advantage of the extra power that would come with the new console.

Well fast-forward to the PlayStation Experience Expo (PSX 2016) this weekend where Kaz provided an update for Gran Turismo Sport:  It was announced that when GT Sport is released it will have 4K resolution, HDR color mode, Virtual Reality play, something called “Wide Color”, and a few new previously unannounced cars.

Hmm… 4K gaming?  Sounds like something that only the PS4 Pro can do!  Ahem.. I totally called it!

Anyway, it should be noted that GT Sport will still run just fine on a regular PS4 but playing on a PS4 Pro will unlock some of the extra features, specifically the 4K.  HDR, and VR are both possible on a regular PS4.  Also thanks to HDR, weather and time-of-day effects will look much better and more realistic.

There are a few caveats here though.  In an PSX interview, Kaz revealed that Gran Turismo Sport is actually rendered in 2k but will be upscaled to 4K rather than being rendered at 4K natively.  There are stipulations with VR as well.  It looks like VR driving can only be done with select cars on select tracks.  Those cars and tracks are yet to be announced.

Unfortunately the release date was not updated and is still officially given as “2017”.  If I had to make a guess I’d say that Gran Turismo Sport will probably come out sometime next summer.

granturismosport_volkswagen_scirocco_gr4 granturismosport_mercedesbenz_amggtsafetycar granturismosport_mercedesbenz_a45amg granturismosport_fordfocus_grb granturismosport_2017acuransx

As far as the new cars? The 2017 Acura NSX, Ford Focus Gr.B Rally Car, 2013 Mercedes A 45 AMG, VW Scirocco Gr.4, and the Mercedes Benz AMG GT Safety Car will all be a part of GT Sport’s car roster.  You can check out the official update trailer below and if you want to get a look at the new cars just click the thumbnails above for screen shots.  There are more screen shots on the official Gran Turismo website.


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