Hype: Forza Horizon 3 Review Part 1 (Video)

As of 6am today we can finally tell you our thoughts and opinions of Forza Horzion 3 after playing the full version for a few days now.  In fact, we were sent a review copy right around the time the demo was released to the public and ever since then we had to keep our lips sealed!  However, that time has finally passed and we can release our full (two-part) review of Forza Horizon 3!

Wait, what?  Two parts?  Yes, we have broken up our review into two parts because we’ve found that Horizon games are so big that its a bit easier to review the game this way rather than try to squeeze everything into one review.  Part one of our review covers our general overview and experiences with the single player campaign.  Part two will cover our multiplayer experiences.  Look for part two to release very soon.  In the meantime scroll down to watch part one of our Forza Horizon 3 review!

Forza Horizon 3 Review:

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