Event Hype: Z Bash 2016 (Full Gallery)

Sometimes it can be easy to underestimate a particular community in the automotive culture.  I mean, these days it seems like just about any random obscure car has its legion of fanboys and fangirls.  If you don’t believe me just take a look at the Reliant Robin Owner’s Club.  The thing is, we shouldn’t forget that there really are passionate, large groups of people who all share the love of one particular make & model.  Since the 240Z’s birth in 1969, the Japanese sports coupe steadily built fans and followers due to its ability to take on cars out of its financial class due to its performance and engineering.  The 240Z is so loved that even to this day, a good 240Z is incredibly hard to find for sale.  Not because there aren’t a lot of them but because finding someone willing to part with one, despite the shape its in, is in itself a significant feat indeed.  Beware the handshake of someone who owns a classic Z because their grip is the tightest!

The reason why I’m speaking of the Z Car community is because over the weekend the 20th annual Z Car Bash was held in Anaheim, CA.  What is Z Bash?  Its a gathering, put together and hosted by Motorsport Auto AKA The Z Store, one of, if not the biggest retail source when it comes to buying parts for virtually any Z car ever made from its first generation until now.  Motorsport Auto started the Z Car Bash in 1996 as a thank you to their customers by inviting them to gather, hang out, and show off their Z cars at the store’s location in Orange, CA.  Year, after year the Z Bash grew until eventually Motorsport Auto’s store just couldn’t accommodate the crowd.  So, this year the Z Bash was moved to Angel Stadium in Anahiem, CA and it was to great success.  Nissan even brought the 2017 GT-R to the event for its west coast debut!  Oh, and one more thing, the Z Car Bash is completely free.  No one pays to register their car, no one pays to get into the meet, heck, spectators don’t even have to pay to park!  Motorsport Auto foots the (probably considerably large) bill for the whole thing!  Talk about a thank you the community that supports them!  That is how you do PR people!  Anyway, we were there for the bash and took a bunch of sweet photos, all of which you can see below.  We will also post a gallery up on our Facebook page so look out for that as well.

Z Bash 2016 gallery:

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