Hype Bowl: The Three Worst Car Commercials From Super Bowl 50 (Video)

Acura Super Bowl Commercial Screen Shot 2

Its that time again!  With another Super Bowl here and gone comes a new crop of high-budget car commercials that either hit or miss.  In case you didn’t read the title of this post too closely, we are going to explore the top (err bottom) three misses of Super Bowl 50.  Hold your nose because its going to get stinky.  Ready?  OK lets do this.

#3 “Ryanville” (Hyundai)

In this spot for the new Hyundai Elantra two women find themselves in “Ryanville”, a magical place where everyone looks like Ryan Reynolds, and there are no other women.  It wasn’t necessarily a terrible commercial and I suppose if I was attracted to Ryan Reynolds as much as every other woman on the planet I may have enjoyed it more than I did.  However, all I could think about is how much this spot was a totally wasted opportunity for a Deadpool cameo…

#2 “The Longest Chase” (Toyota)

I had to watch this commercial twice to come to a final verdict.  At first I thought it was a half successful attempt to make the Prius cool.  Although after watching it again I realized that this commercial that makes celebrities out of criminals who rob a bank and go on an extended car chase with the police probably isn’t all that socially responsible.  While I can understand the function of the joke, in the end it just comes off as kind of lame; much like the car its advertising…

#1 “What He Said” (Acura)

This one hurts.  It hurts a lot.  I never thought I’d be designating the worse commercial of the Super Bowl to one meant for the second coming of the Acura NSX.  I think what the problem is here is that there were very high expectations for this spot.  I mean we’re talking about the new NSX!  Fans have waited for this car for years!  This commercial is supposed to herald the return of the Japanese super cars!  What it actually does is just cobble together some semi-abstract shots of a new NSX coming together but it just feels…meh.  Then there’s the name “What He Said.”   What the heck is that supposed to mean?  Is it supposed to be some weird twist on the “that what she said” joke?  If so, I’m not seeing it!  This should have been the best car commercial of the Super Bowl but it ended up being the most underwhelming.  Which is sad because I’m sure the new NSX is probably pretty exciting to drive.

Whew!  OK, that was rough but we go through it.  Those were my picks for the three worse car commercials of Super Bowl 50.  Next will be my three best picks!

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