Hype Video: Antonio Alvendia’s “86 Life” Is The Subject Of The Latest Petrolicious Episode


Here in southern California the car culture “industry” circle is somewhat small.  What that really means is eventually, certain people will stand out and they’ll be that person that everyone knows in one way or another.  Antonio Alvendia is one of those people.  Ever since I started attending events in a professional capacity I could almost count on seeing Antonio there with his camera (or cameras) chatting it up with everyone (especially the models *wink*) and making friends.

The guy has pretty much been a staple of the industry and the culture around here for a while and his career demonstrates it.  However, if there is one defining characteristic about Antonio its his love for the AE86 Toyota Corolla/Trueno/Levin/Sprinter/Hachi-Roku, whatever you want to call it, its his obsession.  The man owns five of them for god’s sake!

In the latest episode of Petrolicious Antonio explains his love for the AE86 and how the car is possibly responsible for his entire career.  He speaks a little about some of the land marks in his career history like helping to start a certain website owned by EA games, to the formation of his current site MotorMavens.com, to the birth of 86 Fest.  Its a great episode and worth checking out if you want a little background on one of the most well known AE86 lovers in the country.  Check out the episode below.

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