Hype News: Scion iM Going To Production As Well As New Unnamed, Unshown Sedan


With the new year comes new cars and Scion has just made a promise that they will bring at least two new models to production in 2015.  The first is a production version of the iM concept that was shown last year at the LA Auto Show which will officially be called…the iM… Surprise!  Ok the production name isn’t much of a surprise but there are still plenty of things about the production iM that we don’t know; Such as any horsepower, mpg, or MSRP numbers.  Though, Scion assures all that information will be made available in due time.

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What’s more of a mystery is the new sedan that Scion plans to bring to market.  Since it will officially be the first sedan ever produced by the brand the possibilities are intriguing.  Generally speaking a sedan is the most “boring” of model types.  Obviously there are exceptions (WRX, Evo, M3, M5, etc.) but when most think “sedan” they think of cars like the Ford Taurus and Toyota Camry.  Scion prides themselves on making their cars fun, exciting, and otherwise enticing for their intended audience.  So, how will the youth driven, fun brand take on the sedan?  I have no flarking idea but I am just as curious about it as you are.  For more info check out the official press release below.

Press Release:

TORRANCE, Calif., (Jan. 7, 2015) – Like many others, Scion has a New Year’s Resolution to debut an all-new body by spring. And not surprisingly, all eyes will be on its backside as Scion will be adding its first-ever sedan to its line-up.

The new sedan will be introduced in April at the New York International Auto Show along with the all-new Scion iM. The iM is the official name for the production version of the iM Concept car shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

Together, the two vehicles represent two of the three new models Scion will bring to market in the next three years aimed at independently minded 18-34 year olds. The trio will bring exciting options for Scion’s younger customers looking for vehicles to support both adventure and sensibility.

“With the iM hatchback and our first sedan, we’re inviting drivers to re-imagine what they can accomplish with a Scion,” said Scion Group Vice President Doug Murtha. “Both new models will stand out in the marketplace for their style and substance. I can confidently predict that 2015 will be an exciting year for Scion.”

Beyond the name, drivers can expect the production iM to carry forward some of the sporty looks and versatility displayed in the concept version. More details on both the production iM and sedan will be available in coming months. Information on the iM Concept is available at www.scion.com/iMConcept.

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