SEMA 2014: The Enkei Wheels x Rocket Bunny Mazda RX-7 BRAPs Its Way Into Our Hearts


When I first fell into this culture the 3rd Generation Mazda RX-7 was one of my favorite cars.  It had great lines, it was incredibly rare to see one in person, and its rotary engine added a mysterious nature that just made it too damn cool for school (yes, I just wrote that).  It also didn’t hurt that it was the weapon of choice for legendary import drag racer Adam Saruwatari who was a hero of mine at the time.  Lately though, as in the last 10 years the third-gen RX-7 doesn’t get as much love in the show scene as it used to.  Especially with the rise in popularity of cars like the WRX, Evo, and 240SX.  However, when one does show up and its done right it still invokes all those feelings I had about it when I was a teenager and today it still retains those qualities.  Having said that, its truly awesome to see an RX-7 with the now incredibly popular (maybe too poplar) Rocket Bunny treatment sitting in the Enkei Wheels booth at SEMA.

SEMA2014_RocketBunny_RX7_1 SEMA2014_RocketBunny_RX7_2 SEMA2014_RocketBunny_RX7_3 SEMA2014_RocketBunny_RX7_4

I really love what they did with it from the brandywine candy paint with gold color scheme to the classically styled custom Enkei92 wheels with the step lip.  If I were to build an RX-7 right now this is pretty close to how I would do it so needless to say its a pleasure for me to look at!  Good job Enkei!

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