Hype Video: New Transformers 4 Trailer Explodes Internet And Restores (Some Of) My Faith In Michael Bay


For the second time I find myself in a familiar position.  Coming off a previous Transformers movie which ultimately turned out to be a disappointing experience, swearing off the movies entirely but then being lured in once more by Michael Bay’s uncanny ability to put together a bad-ass mega trailer thus having my hopes moved once more to the “up” position.  I was really having not so great feelings about the upcoming Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction flick but damn if today’s new trailer didn’t re-kindle my interest.

There still is not too much known about the story of the next film but from the trailer it appears that some time has passed since the events of “Dark Of The Moon” and the world advanced to a point to where they do not need to rely on the Autobots to protect them (or so they think).  In fact it seems like the world as turned against the Autobots according to the viral marketing site TransformersAreDangerous.com and their hotline (855) 363-8392 (seriously call it!).  Then as usual a massive alien threat comes to Earth and starts wrecking stuff and in the middle of all this Mark Whalberg, who plays a struggling salvage man trying to put his daughter through college comes across an old semi truck that just happens to be Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, then wackiness ensues.  There is also a ton of explosions, shooting, and more importantly…Dinobots!  It really does look good this time.  Don’t take my word for it though, you can watch the trailer below.  And to Mr. Bay if you’re reading you have brought me from hopeless about this film to cautiously optimistic, congrats…now make it count!

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