Press Kit Theater: Jaguar F TYPE Coupe Behind The Scenes


Whenever I visit an event like the LA Auto Show or SEMA, its not uncommon for companies to give members of the media “Press Kits” which are can be anything from USB drives to other packages that contain various types of media and information about a particular product or car.  Typically, press kits also include video produced by said company for said product and/or vehicle.  Sometimes these films are literally just “b-roll” which is footage meant to be edited into another larger feature.  Other times the videos are full on produced features.  Either way they can be pretty entertaining to watch so I’ve decided to show some of these films to you here and there.

I am starting with three films released by Jaguar which go in-depth behind the scenes of the F-TYPE Coupe’s development; starting with design and ending with new tech.  Each video is about 4 minutes or so but well worth the time!  Just scroll down and enjoy!

PART 1: Design and structure

PART 2: Dynamics

PART 3: Performance and tech

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