LA Auto Show 2013: Subaru Introduces The World To The 2015 WRX


Yesterday I talked about how much anticipation I had to see the new Jaguar F TYPE coupe but I was almost just as anxious to see the new WRX up close!  Pics inevitably leaked out before the new WRX’s Los Angeles debut but if I am to be honest the pics released by Subaru were a little awkward and it was hard to really see the lines of the car so I really wanted to see it for myself in person to get a better idea.

After finally seeing it up close for myself I have to say that I like the new direction that Subaru is going with the WRX.  They made a big step and made the WRX and the Impreza look completely different (although they still share the same platform underneath).  Now, many of my colleagues were disappointed with the final result of the WRX because they felt it looked too tame compared to the original concept drawings and I understand that.  However, to me I think they smoothed it down just enough so that it will have more of a broad appeal.  I realize that “broad appeal” is a bad word when it comes to enthusiasts but its good for Subaru in a sense that it can win over new Suby fans, especially now when Mitsubishi is struggling.

Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_10 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_11 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_12 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_13 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_15

Also even though the exterior was toned down a bit, the new WRX got upgrades in almost every performance category.  It will have an all new 2.0 liter turbo boxer engine that will make 268hp, a new torque vectoring system that will improve cornering (no more “nose dive” in the corners at track day), and a new 6 speed transmission (which is now standard).

What may come as a shock however is that Subaru has done away with the “hatchback”.  The 2015 WRX will come as a sedan only.  If you were already a fan of the sedan then that is great news but if you were a hatch-lover then it may be a deal breaker.  Personally, I like the new WRX and while I think the “no hatchback” decision will lead to a fare share of controversy, its nice to see Subaru shaking things up with one of their staple cars.

The one complaint I do have is that they did not bring the new STi version to Los Angeles.  Rumor has it that Subaru is saving the STi reveal for the Detroit Auto Show and to that I say WHAAA?!  I get that Detroit is a big show but we are talking about the STi here! How many STi’s are sold in Detroit versus Los Angeles or New York?!  Being in Southern California I understand that I may be bias but still.  I think it would have been much better to see the STi debut here or in the east coast.  The good news is they may just use the opportunity to debut the BRZ STi as well and make it one big STi party.  One can only hope!

Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_2 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_5 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_3 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_6 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_4

The other car that made a big splash at the Subaru booth was the Legacy concept.  It really showed off Subaru’s new design language especially with styling cues such as its “hawk eye” headlights and hexagonal front grill.  I saw many a design student studying the concept carefully during my Subaru booth visit.  Hopefully we will see more daring design such as this coming from Suby in the not too distant future.

Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_9 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_8 Subaru_LAAutoShow2013_7

Well that’s it for my Subaru visit! There is more LA Auto Show coverage on the way!

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