F1 Hype: Kimi Raikkonen May Sit Out Last Races Due To No Paycheck From Lotus


Leave it to Kimi Raikkonen to stir things up just as people are getting bored with the F1 season.  According to a report from CNN sports the talented mumbly Finn is threatening to boycott the last races on the calendar this year due to non-payment from cash-strapped Lotus.

Due to Lotus’ financial situation their majority owners Genii Captial forced the team to make an arrangement that the drivers could not be paid until the end of the season and after all the final checks from their sponsors have cleared.  This is clearly not ideal for Kimi and he is starting to express it to the public and his team.  In fact Kimi has a bit of a public spat with pit boss Alan Permane at the Indian GP over the radio then again on pit lane.  When asked about the argument during a press conference Kimi tried to downplay the incident but did express the reason for his frustrations when he said:

“Sometimes it is not very nice when you hear that you are not really a team player, and you don’t have the interests of the team (at heart) — but you have been paid zero Euro the whole year”

Will Kimi stick it to Lotus by refusing to drive the last two races of the season? Or will they make up over a six pack of beer?  I guess we will find out if there is only one Lotus running at Abu Dhabi.

[Source: CNN.com]

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