Hype Event: Targa Trophy California 1000 (Coverage)

Have you ever wondered what comes next after buying that car you’ve dreamed of all your life?  Sure you are going take a few solo drives in it, maybe pick up a few dates, but then what?  Chances are that if you put time into your dream car the way you might with your other hobbies, then you will probably want to find some like-minded people to hang out with.


This is what Targa Trophy is all about.  Similar to Gumball and Bullrun (but with less controversy and law enforcement) Targa Trophy is a series of road rallies that travel along famous stretches of American asphalt, making stops along famous and often luxurious hot spots along the way.  Its fair to say that Targa Trophy is something of a luxury event.  Entry fees can range from the high hundreds all the way up to a few grand depending on the event.  However, the cool thing is that unlike Gumball or Bullrun, a six figure supercar is not needed to participate.  Heck if you wanted to you could run a Targa Trophy rally in a 1982 Nissan Stanza!


I have always wanted to participate in a Targa Trophy event myself but for one reason or another I have never been able to.  Although I do have friends who run the events all the time.  The last Targa Trophy event: “The California 1000” took participants all the way from the famous Roosevelt Hotel in LA, up to Monterey, from Monterey to San Louis Obisbo, and then back to LA for a huge party.


If all this is sounding good to you and you’re thinking about participating in a Targa Trophy event but you’re still on the fence then feel free to check out these pictures from the California 1000 (click the thumbnails for larger pics) to see if this is something that is your speed (no pun intended).


 Hopefully the next Targa Trophy post I do will be a first hand account!

[Photos: Targa Trophy/Mo Satarzadeh]

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