Movie Hype: Dinobots Will Be In Transformers 4? “Drift” Autobot To Debut? 2 More Films? (Rumor)

The tale of Transformers 4 has been a roller coaster worthy of an early Michael Bay film (see what I did there?).  First, we heard there would be virtually no human cast in the next film (great!).  Then, came news that Michael Bay’s bro-mance with Mark Whalberg was so great that he decided to give him a starring role in TF4 (WTF?!).  Next came news that Bumblebee was getting a complete re-design (cool…ish).

Today come a fresh bit of news from the set.  According to a leaked call sheet as well as documents from Toys R Us it appears as if the Dinobots will be making their franchise debut in Transformers 4!  As of now there is nothing that officially confirms this nor anything that could detail how big of a role the Dinobots will play in the next film.  However, there is a picture of a crew member wearing a TF4 hat with the logo “slashed by claws”.  With some stretching it could be concluded that the Dinobot role may be pretty significant if its inferred from that image.  Also, the call sheet also lists the “names” of the vehicles to be on set for that particular day.  The list is as follows:

New Optimus

It is unclear what names are assigned to which cars, save for the obvious “New Optimus”, “Bumblebee”, “Lambo”, and “Pagani”.  Although the “Drift” character sounds interesting.  Perhaps “Drift” will be a Nissan 370Z or Scion FR-S?  Guess we will have to wait and see.

Finally, further inspection of the Toys R Us document shows that at least two more Transformers films are “planned”.  In Hollywood talk “planned” doesn’t usually mean much but the fact that a major retail chain such as Toys R Us is expecting it might just be enough to take the grain of salt off this tidbit.

Do these new developments change my outlook on how Transformers 4 will ultimately turn out?  Admittedly I had pretty abysmal expectations, however I can’t help but get a little excited in light of this news.  Maybe there is hope for this flick after all.

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