Hype Art: Guy Turns His Dad’s Old Nissan Truck Into Life-Sized Mech Statue

I love cars.  Generally that means I hate it when a car is broken, smashed, or taken apart for purposes other than motorsport or customization.  However, not even I could hate what Deviant Art user “ProgV” did with his Dad’s old Nissan truck.  According to Prog, the truck had just been sitting for a long time collecting dust ‘n rust. 

So, naturally Prog did what any artist would do: he took the whole thing apart and began to build a life-sized anime-style mech statue out of it.  Although, as stout as the truck was, it wasn’t enough explains Prog.  He actually ended up going to a junk yard to source more parts to finish the mech. 

According to Prog, it took over a ton (literally) of parts and a month to complete the mech; which makes this even more amazing.  I wish I had the ability to create something like this by myself in that short amount of time!

Prog already has some high-profile individuals wanting to purchase his work.  Good work dude! Click the thumbnails below for larger pics.


[Source: Deviant Art]

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