Gaming Hype: Fanatec ClubSport Unboxing (Video)

Any day where you receive a pile of packages from Fanatec almost as tall as you, is a very good day.  I had one of those days recently as Fanatec sent over their entire ClubSport set up for me to try out.  They included not just the wheel base, but the pedals, and two interchangeable wheel rims.  I quickly set up my camera and ripped into all of those glorious boxes!  It took a while but I got through it.  Anything for my readers…I do these things for you! 

As we speak I am working on a review for this set so I can tell let you all know if all this gear is worth your hard-earned cash. Also, I decided to get rid of the infamous black gloves I’ve wore in my previous unboxing videos.  More on that in the video below.  Enjoy!

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