Gaming Hype: Forza 5 To Be Announced At E3 2013 As Next-Gen Xbox Launch Title? (Rumor)

When Sony came out and announced the Playstation 4, it was a big flarkin’ deal.  They held a super private media get together at a posh location and live streamed the whole thing to the world.  It was all very exciting, except for those of us who love racing games.  We all were hoping that we would see Kazunori Yamauchi step out onto that stage and say “hey, we are 90% done with Gran Turismo 6!”  Instead, we got was a trailer (an awesome trailer but still a just a trailer) for “Drive Club” which looks great but does not have the gravitas behind it that a well established franchise such as Gran Turismo does.  While there is obviously still a chance Gran Turismo 6 will be announced at E3 2013, I have yet to hear anything that would indicate its going to happen.

Since that Sony meeting passed the world gaming community has been waiting for Microsoft to make its move.  Well, they finally announced that…that they will make an announcement.  Xbox will be holding an event next month on May 21st and many predict that it will introduce the next generation Xbox to the world.  Exciting for gamers in general but what’s in it for us racing fans? Well I’ll tell you…

At a location that I can’t tell you about, a person/ninja whom I cannot name, back flipped out of the shadows and told me that it is nearly certain that Forza Motorsport 5 will be announced along with the new Xbox.  It is unknown if this will happen at the May 21st event, at E3, or in a stand alone event but the word is it will be announced within the same time frame.

You might be asking why I would trust a ninja who stalks the shadows.  Well this particular ninja happens to be a very well connected insider in the gamming community.  However, since neither Microsoft, Turn 10 Studios, nor Dan Greenawalt have made any announcements or even hits on the matter I still have to chalk this up to rumor and speculation. 

But if I were a betting man I would put every dime of my savings, which adds up to…a dime that we will get some kind of official word about the next Forza Motorsport title sometime between May 21st and E3 2013!

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