Hype Video: Cars Land Float Coming To 124th Rose Parade (Behind The Scenes Footage)

If you saw my “CARSmas” post a while back you already know that I am a Disney-nerd as well as a Cars/Cars Land fan boy so I got pretty excited when I heard that there is going to be a Cars Land themed float in this year’s Rose Parade.  Today Disney released a behind the scenes video with senior designer Bradley Kaye as explains how the “Imagineers” will face the challenge of completely re-creating Cars Land on a chassis that is limited to a 18 foot wide by 50 foot long “box”.  That might seem like a lot of space but when its considered that the actual Cars Land takes up several acres one can see that trying to re-create nearly the entire thing on a float that has to be able to move and turn will be quite a feat!

If you watch the video closely there are a few quick glimpses of what the final design will look like but the real thing won’t be seen until New Year’s Day as it rolls down the street in Pasadena, CA for the 124th Annual Rose Parade.  I am looking forward to it!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68vkJ76V7l0′]

[Source: Disney Parks Blog]

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