Hype Video: “Competition: A Thousand Experiences” Produced By Clash Productions For Audi

The real beauty of a 24 hour endurance race are the participants. Even though major media outlets tend to focus on a few major, well-funded teams in reality there are many other teams big and small who participate in races like this. Each team, no matter how big or small has their own story of how they got there and furthermore how they endured (no pun intended) something as grueling as a 24 hour race. In addition to the teams there is also the hundreds of photographers and journalist running from corner to corner, in and out of pits, searching for new spots to try and capture compelling still shots of an incredibly fast sport. There are also the fans, some of which traveled from great distances all just to sit in one seat or stand in one spot for hours to cheer on their favorite driver, team, car as it passes by them once every few minutes are so.

What is it like to walk in the shoes of each one of those people? What is an event such as that like for them? This is what my favorite cinema crew Clash Production asked themselves when they produced their latest video for Audi. Titled “Competition: A Thousand Experiences”, the guys at Clash attempt to briefly put you in the same place for as many people as possible as Audi competes in an endurance race. From driver, to mechanic, to crew, to photographer, to a fan, viewers of this video get a few seconds in something of a “first person perspective” view with each of those people all wrapped up in a near two minute piece of cinematic art.

Heads up: all the text associated with the video including the title and its YouTube description is all in French.  However, it is not necessarily to understand the text to enjoy the video.  Although if you really need to know that badly then you can always use Google translate.  Anyhow, scroll down and enjoy the video below!

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