F1 Hype: 2012 Australian Grand Prix (Quick Result)

The Formula One season finally came back this weekend as all the teams brought their shiny new 2012 cars down under for the Australian Grand Prix.  The talk of the silly season was the new “step nose” that most teams adapted in order to comply with new rules on having the nose of the car at a specific height.  However McLaren found away to keep with the rules without having such a drastic dip in the nose line of their car.  Many wondered if this would turn out to be a hindrance or a help.  Well when Lewis Hamilton qualified on pole followed by his teammate Jenson Button, that question was answered!  Surprisingly the Red Bull cars struggled to keep pace with McLaren and Mercedes GP.  In an even bigger surprise French driver Romain Grosjean with Lotus GP took the third spot in qualifying but fell victim to contact during the race which ended his chances at a podium finish for the black and gold.  Jenson Button managed to get around Lewis as the field dove into the first corner at the start of the race and thats where he remained until the checkered flags fell.  Lewis fought hard to keep up with Jenson but some Red Bull pit stop trickery allowed Sebastien Vettel to get past Hamilton for second but Lewis held on for third place.  With McLaren taking two of the three spots on the podium does this mean it is their year? Will Red Bull come back fighting?  Will Ferrari wake up?  I guess we will find out next weekend when Formula 1 goes back to Malaysia!


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