Gaming Hype: DiRT Showdown Preview (With Video)

A while back I showed you the trailer for the new DiRT Showdown game which is coming down the pipe from Codemasters.  When the trailer hit the intertubes it raised a lot of questions about the future direction of the DiRT series.  The biggest question was: Is DiRT Showdown really “DiRT4”?  Well recently I was invited to get a hands on preview of DiRT Showdown.  Not only did I get to play an early draft of the game myself I also got to speak with Showdown’s associate producer Iain Smith and ask him some of the hard questions.  Before we get to that I will answer a few of those questions right now.  First of all yes, Ken Block will be making a return appearance in DiRT Showdown in his current Ford Fiesta “Hybrid Function Hoonigan Vehicle” AKA  H.F.H.V.  Secondly, Gymkhana mode will be back and improved from DiRT3, meaning that it wont be so damn hard to execute stunts and tricks.  Finally, as the trailers suggest there will be a demolition derby element to DiRT Showdown.  There are more burning questions that will be answered straight from in our interview as well as some gameplay footage and new screen shots scroll below!


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