Gaming Hype Video: Driver: San Francisco “Comeback” Trailer

Yesterday I left you with some gaming hype about the DiRT3/Ken Block R/C car bundle that will be available next month.  Today I kick things off with a new trailer for the latest edition in the popular “Driver” franchise, Driver: San Francisco.  If you’ve never played any of the previous Driver games before you should know that it isn’t your traditional racing game.  As the name suggests this game is all about, well driving!  You play a detective who often goes undercover to take down a crime boss.  This typically involves several driving missions and car chases through out the city.  In this game “the city” in question is San Francisco.   A crime boss named Charles Jericho has escaped from prison and is looking to make San Francisco the HQ for the resurgence of his organization.  Your character, John Tanner seems to be the only man who can stop him.   If you aren’t won over yet, check out the awesome trailer below and you will likely be convinced.  I will try to get some further info on this game at the E3 Expo in June.

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