Wheel Hype: Advan Racing TCIII

The Advan Racing TCIII wheel is on its way!  Pictures of the wheel started floating around the Internet during the Tokyo Auto Salon last month and wheel fiends have been going crazy for it every day since and with good reason.  Look at them!  They’re FRESH!  The concavity is so deep I don’t think light could escape it (that’s a black hole joke for you nerds out there).  I haven’t been able to find anything “official” on this wheel but so far here is what is being said about it:  The first run will only have 18 inch diameters (18×8.5 +35 offset up to 18×10.5 +25 offset), the bolt pattern is 5×120, the weight will range between 17-19lbs per wheel depending on what size you get, and there will be two finishes available (racing hyper silver and dark gun metallic).

I can’t really point you in a direction on this because the wheel is so new and no one knows a release date or price.  If you want a set I would suggest you hit up your local Advan retailer and see if they got any info on thenew TCIII and if they can set you up with a reserve spot.  If you are reading this and you are an Advan Racing retailer I invite you to leave a comment with a link to your shop because folks are going to want this wheel badly!   I can tell already that this wheel will be as the kids say: “the new hotness”


[Photo: JDM Legends via JDM EGO]

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