Hype Blurb: Buddy Club Project X Track Day

Over the weekend I was invited out to Willow Springs Raceway by Buddy Club for a private media track day.  Buddy Club brought out Yasushi Kikuchi (the driver who clicked off a 53.6 second lap at Tsukuba Circuit) to give esteemed media members ride alongs in their 50% carbon fiber bodied Nissan GT-R.  They also opened up the “streets of willow” track to us so we could do our best impressions of Kikuchi-san in our own cars.  Mitsubishi was nice enough to once again put me behind the wheel of an Evo X for the occasion.  This time around instead of an MR I got the good ol’ five speed GSR model.

The downside is that it was raining for pretty much the entire day which made for quite the slippery track.  Which made me extra glad that I was behind the wheel of an Evo X!  While FWD and RWD cars were struggling to find grip, I could do no wrong in the Evo!  Sure I slid around a few times but there was nothing that the Evo couldn’t save me from.  The car was literally braver than I was.  It welcomed the slippery surfaced off-camber turns of the infamous “omega corners” and asked for more.

This further solidifies my opinion that the Evo X in any trim, is worth the money.  It really is a great all-around car.  It has livability, nice features, looks, and performance that is more than enough for the street and just enough to have loads of fun on the track (wet or dry).

Unfortunately I couldn’t take a ton of pictures because of the rain (I have but a lowly rebel which isn’t weather sealed) but I did snap a few shots and some shots of my ride for the weekend.  Enjoy!



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