Rhys Millen’s PM580 Pikes Peak Car In Full Livery

The “Race To The Clouds” is going on this week and Rhys Millen’s Genesis PM580 is now fully dressed and ready for the party.  He built this 1950lb 750HP Genesis powered battle machine to reclaim his father’s Pike’s Peak record that stood for 13 years until Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima broke the record back in 2007.  Since then Monster’s record went unchallenged until now.

As you might guess Mr. Tajima isn’t going to sit idly by while Rhys Millen aims to take the record away from him.  Rumor has it that Monster Tajima’s 2425lb 910hp Suzuki SX4 “hill-climb” special spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel to extract extra environmentally appropriate downforce before it made the trip to the peak.

So, Rhys has the obvious weight advantage while Monster Tajima has more power and both contenders have plenty of experience on the peak.  Can Rhys claim the record back for his family and achieve a sub 10-minute time?  Or will Tajima’s pre-peak aero tweaks and 160hp advantage be enough to keep him on top of the peak?  It is times like this that I wish the hill-climb was televised!

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